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David harmax

From his background in classical training, David Harmax moved into film music, gaining an M.A in Scoring for Film and Visual Media at Pulse College and Dublin Institute of Technology, based in the iconic Windmill Lane Recording Studios, Dublin. 

There, he studied under prominent international composer Christopher Young (Drag Me To Hell - Spiderman 3 - Hellraiser), Orchestrator Conrad Pope (The Hobbit - Harry Potter - Jurassic Park), game composer Garry Schyman (BioShock - Dante's Inferno), tutors Richard Bellis, Andy Hill, and Irish composers Gregory Magee, and Derek Gleeson.

David is passionate about composing music for film and quickly captures the essence of every scene; the characters, the motivation, the emotion, the pace and the world in which it all unfolds.

He draws inspiration both from the visuals put before him and from the written word, always excited to uncover the inner layers of the narrative.

David has scored both feature and short films, and conducted and recorded many live scores for ensembles ranging from the small and intimate to the large and powerful.

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